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Faded Scents 2011

28 photographs and scented test paper strips

The memory of the sense of smell is much stronger that the one of the sense of view. Images as well as aromas, can fill us with nostalgia for an unrealized love.
When we are in love and full of faith, we try to capture happiness with a picture, but the moment, just like the psychedelic effect of perfume (or the natural smell of the loved one) fades away leaving us with only a somehow tragic memory. 
This project has no intention of bragging (I am truly not proud) and this text has no intention to justify my past. The ones who know me from before these stories understand, the rest will have to give me some poetic license and maybe, with some introspection will have to accept that we all have relationships we regret and we all let one go for immaturity or simple stupidity.
  * Forgive me if you are in the photos, but that is because the memory of you brings melancholy and warmth to my heart.
  ** But to the one who destroyed me: Fuck you!

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